For Friends Who Make a Positive Impact

As I have been struggling with health concerns, which is an indicator that I’m not living the way the real me wants to live, I am thankful for friends who help me to see what new life patterns I can create to put me back onto my life’s path. Having the opportunity to discuss deeply spiritual opportunities and reach those awakenings help me to clear the constant chatter in my head so that I can make the right decisions for my life based in what I truly desire.  These are concepts that are enlightening and sometimes force me to make difficult decisions to move on points that I think are “right”. Having friends in life who lovingly help you see the necessary changes as well as help you find the tools you need to help get off center are the kind of friends that you don’t run across everyday. They are also the kind of friends who truly care about you, the real you and not the mask that you put on to share with the world.

I see so many who feel that they can’t truly be themselves, who hide behind walls to protect themselves. And what I’m learning is that the walls of protection that so many use are really an illusion to themselves that they are safe. And perhaps they need the walls to protect themselves from difficult relationships whether in childhood or in adulthood. Today, after having help in coming to some of my own spiritual epiphanies specifically regarding walls,  I witnessed my son display an act of pure joy. Often, I witness many of life’s lessons in watching my son who doesn’t yet have the chatter of logic in his head and just lives in the moment. We were in an elevator, and he looked up and saw a mirror. As many times as I’ve been in the same elevator, I never noticed the mirrored ceiling. Here he not only noticed it, but watched while spinning himself around in circles, arms in the air and a smile on his face. Enjoying the moment and what he saw as he watched himself spinning around in the mirror brought a smile of pure joy to his face. Children remind us of the joys of life, if only we watch and learn. I believe they are here to remind those of us who have lived behind walls that nothing is gained by living with a wall around you. Pure joy fills your world with light and love and children are able to express that pure joy without being held back. As adults we can choose to enjoy their moments of pure joy and see the light that surrounds them or require them to push down their light because they don’t live up to our standards of what “should” be done in any given situation.  When was the last time you spun in a circle while looking above you? I know I haven’t done that in a long time and just thinking of it brings joy to my heart.

Sometimes our friends come disguised in many forms. In this instance, my son chooses to act as a friend and show me an enlightened path just by allowing himself to be who is he and enjoy every moment there is in life. He didn’t care that there were other people in the elevator and you know, it didn’t matter that there was. They also watched him and smiled at the joy on his face. I think there’s a lesson there as well. It doesn’t really matter what you think others will think about you, when worrying about that, you take the joy out of life. You forget to just be yourself and if others see you as silly or any other way, it still doesn’t matter. It’s their problem and not yours. In living the way you were meant to live, you automatically create a life that positively touches the lives around you and all you have to do is let the light of your own self shine through without trying to hide behind a wall that doesn’t really exist anyway.

I hope that you have a friend or two who help you and make a positive impact in your life. May you choose to surround yourself with those who teach you what you need to learn in this life, and show you the joy that exists all around us.

Go in peace, love and light.


For Being Able to Live As I Choose

Today is voting day and for that I am thankful that I have the opportunity that many women in the world do not have…the opportunity for my voice to be heard. With all of the political advertisements, articles, ads and other rhetoric flying around I know it seems like an overwhelming amount of useless information. But because of where we live, we have the choice to do as we like, live as we like, choose our own religion, our own music, our own clothes…and the list continues. It’s so easy to go about our day to day activities forgetting that there are people in this world who cannot vote and who are told what they will do. So today, I’m taking a moment to acknowledge the opportunity to cast my vote and say thank you.

I am grateful that my family has and continues to fight for this right. And for all of the service men and women who have served to keep our country strong, as well as the families who stay behind and support their family members far, far away.

Whether or not you vote, you have the choice to do so and that is what makes our lives so much different than anywhere else in the world. We have an unlimited amount of choices that we get to make and to live the way we do is an awesome gift.

May you make the choices that you know will help your future grow.

Go in peace, love and light!

For Having Been Chosen As A Mother

Today as I reflect that it is my son’s third birthday, I am grateful that I was chosen to be his mother.

The moment that I knew I would be a mother, I was quietly joyful and felt a profound peacefulness in my heart. Watching his life grow inside mine was something that I will treasure every day, for being able to be a part of the miracle of life is an awesome opportunity. Then, he came into the world and the day that he was born I was overwhelmed with joy, love and a fierce protectiveness that only parents can understand.

As I have been able to watch him grow, I see the little boy shining through from the baby that he used to be. There are so many opportunities to watch him experience life and some of my favorite are his laughter, the way he cuddles with me in the morning before we get out of bed and the openness he shares when he hugs and kisses me. I have been in awe as I have watched him begin to become independent and to make decisions about what he wants in his life and I am reminded that we all live that way. We are creating the life that we want with the decisions that we make, no matter if they are simple or complex. Today I am grateful for the opportunity to live each day with my son. Learning from him how to be the best that I can be and how to enjoy life as it passes by, that the decisions I make today effect the life that I live tomorrow. There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t do something that helps me to see that there is more to life than “doing” everything on time. Sometimes I feel like a doing machine, and taking the time to stop and see my life as it passes before me and to appreciate all that I have been given is a conscious choice. One that I cherish.

I have learned from him it is important to stop and take time to enjoy each other and be in the moment with our family. He lives in a state of wonder at how things work and what he can do. He reminds me to live in the moment with him and to see how things work and what we do as a blessing. We have been chosen to live this life and fulfill our purpose. This is an opportunity of great reward and responsibility.  Sometimes, I forget to live my life that way. I’m grateful that he is here to remind me to see the wonder that exists all around us, to be reminded of my purpose and to spend time cultivating my purpose to fulfill my own self. I cannot be the mother that I want to be if I do not take the time to refill my cup each day. For me, that means taking the time to sit and be still, meditating and treasuring every experience that has brought me to where I am today.

May you take a moment today to see the wonder in the world that surrounds you and feel joy.

Go in peace, love and light!