For Understanding True Love

Happy Valentines Day, well a day late, but I’m still feeling loved from yesterday.

This year our celebration of Valentines Day was less about spending time celebrating our love, and more about understanding that we are on a journey of love and what we were able to celebrate was more about our journey than the actual celebration.

Life happens, you know, day to day situations: sick kids, A/C not working (and where I’m from in Naples, Florida it was humid and warm), water system on the fritz, work deadlines to be met…and barely a moment to hug and kiss each other. But, we giggled and said,I love you, when will the A/C guy be here? I love you, how’s the sick boy feeling? I love you, this water leak is almost fixed. I love you, I’ve got to go finish working for the day. And a kiss on the lips, hug and on to handle the business of the household at hand.

I thought about it a little more and realized that IS true love. Sharing the responsibilities, caring for each other through the ups and downs that make up life. It’s about standing next to each other, supporting each other, stealing kisses when you can, and sharing your life with someone who is there to witness it. To say, you matter, you and I together create a life that neither of us could have alone, but at the same time each of us is required to participate in order for us to create the life we want.

My wish for you is that you come to see what true love really means, and that you get to experience it for yourself. Love is majestic, and when we love ourselves, we can unconditionally love another. And that is the greatest gift we can experience on this earth.

Wishing you love, light and peace!


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