Celebrate life

Do you ever have those days when it seems like things keep going wrong? First one thing, then another and another until you say “Ah, Calgon take me away!” I know I do, and it seems when I have those kinds of days, I’ve simply forgotten.

I’ve forgotten to be grateful. I’ve forgotten that my life is full of joy every day. I’ve forgotten how much love surrounds me. And most importantly, I’ve forgotten to love myself.

Be grateful and full of praise for your life

It’s so easy to go through life, day by day only seeing what we do and responding to each situation. For me, when I remember to love my life is simply happier. And the more I allow myself to feel love, the more happiness I feel. This quote from Oprah Winfrey felt perfect today, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Praise can take many forms, for me it means love and gratitude. Allow yourself to feel, there’s so much love in this world you just have to open your heart to see how wonderful life truly is. It’s the simple things that bring the most joy, and when we step back and observe them through our heart we see beyond the simple into the miracle that is our life. May you praise your life today and feel the joy that love brings.

Love and Light!


For Thanksgiving

Today, my son is home from school and as we talk about preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I was trying to find a way a 4 year old would understanding Thanksgiving. I think it really applies to all of us. There are so many advertisements about Black Friday and get her early on Thursday, that it often overwhelms one. So, today I encourage you to see Thanksgiving through the eyes a child.

The reason for Thanksgiving is to be grateful for all that we have, to see our family and friends and tell them that we love and appreciate them. And allow ourselves to be loved in return.


Both, simple and deeply inspiring at the same time.

May you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving, one full of love and gratitude. I’m grateful for your readership and look forward to sharing with you through the coming year.

Love and Light


Grateful for My Work

Headed back home after another wonderful client meeting, I think about how magnificent it is to be doing what I love! And, my clients love the work that I do for them. They are always happy and appreciative of the work that I do, and abundance surrounds me in all other aspects of my life. It’s taken me years to get to the point where I love what I do and how I do it, and my clients love me back. I’m grateful for having learned to listen and follow my heart to do the work that I love.

If you haven’t found your thing yet, and are still figuring out what brings you joy, don’t give up! When you find your thing, you will enjoy your work, find joy in seeing what you do shared with the world and feel grateful for the opportunity to bring what you love into fruition. Weekends and week days roll together and you simply feel magnificent!

Work is Magnificent

Love and Light!

For All of Life’s Experiences

I wouldn’t change a thing. You know, when you look back at life and all of the things that have happened to you and through you, how do you feel? I am grateful for every opportunity that has been placed in my path. I’ve had challenges, I’ve had good days, I’ve had great days and I’ve had days that sparked a new me. So, if I were to erase any one moment from my past, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And today, I’m someone that I love (finally!).

Mary's Motivation

It’s been said to me that we choose the moments of our life and I think that’s true. When I look back at my whole life, I can see that every experience and moment has provided the opportunity for me to learn, grow, create, feel and become who I was meant to be. I may not know or understand the why at the time things are happening, and that’s ok. I am learning to trust that the things that happen to me are opportunities for me to learn the lessons I was meant to learn and experience what I decided I wanted to experience before I made my physical journey. My experiences have always prepared me to receive more than I thought I would every receive. Now, that’s worth getting up to experience every day!

May you choose to see all of your life experiences in a light of gratitude. For, when you see the good and bad moments in thankfulness, you will appreciate the abundance that surrounds you!

Go in peace, love and light!


For Understanding True Love

Happy Valentines Day, well a day late, but I’m still feeling loved from yesterday.

This year our celebration of Valentines Day was less about spending time celebrating our love, and more about understanding that we are on a journey of love and what we were able to celebrate was more about our journey than the actual celebration.

Life happens, you know, day to day situations: sick kids, A/C not working (and where I’m from in Naples, Florida it was humid and warm), water system on the fritz, work deadlines to be met…and barely a moment to hug and kiss each other. But, we giggled and said,I love you, when will the A/C guy be here? I love you, how’s the sick boy feeling? I love you, this water leak is almost fixed. I love you, I’ve got to go finish working for the day. And a kiss on the lips, hug and on to handle the business of the household at hand.

I thought about it a little more and realized that IS true love. Sharing the responsibilities, caring for each other through the ups and downs that make up life. It’s about standing next to each other, supporting each other, stealing kisses when you can, and sharing your life with someone who is there to witness it. To say, you matter, you and I together create a life that neither of us could have alone, but at the same time each of us is required to participate in order for us to create the life we want.

My wish for you is that you come to see what true love really means, and that you get to experience it for yourself. Love is majestic, and when we love ourselves, we can unconditionally love another. And that is the greatest gift we can experience on this earth.

Wishing you love, light and peace!

Just Grateful

Open Your Heart

Gratitude opens your heart, allowing you to feel.

Today I’m just grateful. There is so much in this world to be grateful for and I’m feeling an overwhelming joy at being able to experience love and gratitude at such a heightened sense.

One of the first steps to improving our mindset is to feel grateful for at least one thing. I read Daily Law of Attraction Quotation today from Abraham-Hicks.com and found my own vibrations rise slightly, simply from contemplating the truth in their words...”Things are coming into your experience in response to your vibration. Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts you are thinking. Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestations must follow. Make a decision to look for the best-feeling aspects of whatever you must give your attention to, and otherwise look only for good-feeling things to give your attention to-and your life will become one of increasingly good-feeling aspects.”

Focus on the good, find peacefulness and joy in the good and more good will find you.

Go in Love and Light!
Mary Hernandez

For My Husband’s Love

Today, as I sit back and relax for a minute with all of the hubbub of the holidays upon us my thoughts turn to what I am grateful for experiencing this year. And I realize that of all the lessons of 2012 (and there were many), learning how to really love my husband unconditionally was probably the most profound lesson of the year. When I finally just accepted him for who and how he is, I experienced a greater depth of love from him than I could have imagined. It was in that moment, when I gave up the control and just accepted that I realized that our life together is truly special. I also learned what it means to really love someone with all of their perceived strengths and weaknesses.

It’s so easy to apply our judgments of how we think people should act, love, handle life, etc. but in really loving someone, we learn to stop judging them and just experience them. It also goes back to loving and forgiving ourselves. If we are not loving to ourselves and forgiving of our own judgments than how can we truly love another? I recently read a blog posted by Savannah and thought this article might benefit you as well. From that message, I took away the reminder that I’m creating my life and that I have the power within to change how people treat me by forgiving that part of myself that needed to create that experience. I’m here to fulfill a greater purpose and to learn specific lessons. By accepting that everything happens to me as it was meant to with the goal of helping me fulfill my greater purpose, I find it very difficult to hold onto the old pains and the old ways. By allowing myself to release those pains and ways that no longer serve me, I allow myself to move forward and learn about the next lesson. I also prepare myself to move towards living a life of abundance and joy. The greatest gift of all, I can now allow myself to love and receive love in return.

I know this is a time of year where spending time with our families can create added stress in our lives. In sharing with you I hope that you can take a moment of silence to forgive and accept yourself and your difficult family members so that you can truly enjoy what the Christmas season really means. Love.

Go in love and light.