For All of Life’s Experiences

I wouldn’t change a thing. You know, when you look back at life and all of the things that have happened to you and through you, how do you feel? I am grateful for every opportunity that has been placed in my path. I’ve had challenges, I’ve had good days, I’ve had great days and I’ve had days that sparked a new me. So, if I were to erase any one moment from my past, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And today, I’m someone that I love (finally!).

Mary's Motivation

It’s been said to me that we choose the moments of our life and I think that’s true. When I look back at my whole life, I can see that every experience and moment has provided the opportunity for me to learn, grow, create, feel and become who I was meant to be. I may not know or understand the why at the time things are happening, and that’s ok. I am learning to trust that the things that happen to me are opportunities for me to learn the lessons I was meant to learn and experience what I decided I wanted to experience before I made my physical journey. My experiences have always prepared me to receive more than I thought I would every receive. Now, that’s worth getting up to experience every day!

May you choose to see all of your life experiences in a light of gratitude. For, when you see the good and bad moments in thankfulness, you will appreciate the abundance that surrounds you!

Go in peace, love and light!



For the Flexibility of My Life

So many today live their life according to what their employer says and how that business does. I am so grateful that I am no longer co-creating a business for someone else, but that I am creating for myself. I get to express the rewards of the work that I do. I get to manage my own calendar, be there for my family and still bring in an income.

It isn’t always easy, sometimes I work on the weekends, I work in the evenings and if I don’t invoice, I don’t get paid…but for my situation, the benefits out weigh the challenges.

I think the most rewarding part, is that I can modify and change my business as I discover more about what it is that I want and love to do. As I change, so does my business. As I grow, so does my business. And it’s been in constant revolution as I discover more and more about who I am.

For the opportunity to do what I love, keep flexibility in my life, be there for my family and the freedom to discover who I really am, I am thankful. I continue used grow into who I truly am without being guided by the desires of another. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, experience and share in my journey with those that I care about most.

Whatever your situation, may you find the love for your work and may it bring you fulfillment and allow you to provide the life that you dream.

Go in love and light!

Just Grateful

Open Your Heart

Gratitude opens your heart, allowing you to feel.

Today I’m just grateful. There is so much in this world to be grateful for and I’m feeling an overwhelming joy at being able to experience love and gratitude at such a heightened sense.

One of the first steps to improving our mindset is to feel grateful for at least one thing. I read Daily Law of Attraction Quotation today from and found my own vibrations rise slightly, simply from contemplating the truth in their words...”Things are coming into your experience in response to your vibration. Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts you are thinking. Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestations must follow. Make a decision to look for the best-feeling aspects of whatever you must give your attention to, and otherwise look only for good-feeling things to give your attention to-and your life will become one of increasingly good-feeling aspects.”

Focus on the good, find peacefulness and joy in the good and more good will find you.

Go in Love and Light!
Mary Hernandez

For My Husband’s Love

Today, as I sit back and relax for a minute with all of the hubbub of the holidays upon us my thoughts turn to what I am grateful for experiencing this year. And I realize that of all the lessons of 2012 (and there were many), learning how to really love my husband unconditionally was probably the most profound lesson of the year. When I finally just accepted him for who and how he is, I experienced a greater depth of love from him than I could have imagined. It was in that moment, when I gave up the control and just accepted that I realized that our life together is truly special. I also learned what it means to really love someone with all of their perceived strengths and weaknesses.

It’s so easy to apply our judgments of how we think people should act, love, handle life, etc. but in really loving someone, we learn to stop judging them and just experience them. It also goes back to loving and forgiving ourselves. If we are not loving to ourselves and forgiving of our own judgments than how can we truly love another? I recently read a blog posted by Savannah and thought this article might benefit you as well. From that message, I took away the reminder that I’m creating my life and that I have the power within to change how people treat me by forgiving that part of myself that needed to create that experience. I’m here to fulfill a greater purpose and to learn specific lessons. By accepting that everything happens to me as it was meant to with the goal of helping me fulfill my greater purpose, I find it very difficult to hold onto the old pains and the old ways. By allowing myself to release those pains and ways that no longer serve me, I allow myself to move forward and learn about the next lesson. I also prepare myself to move towards living a life of abundance and joy. The greatest gift of all, I can now allow myself to love and receive love in return.

I know this is a time of year where spending time with our families can create added stress in our lives. In sharing with you I hope that you can take a moment of silence to forgive and accept yourself and your difficult family members so that you can truly enjoy what the Christmas season really means. Love.

Go in love and light.